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Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (SSL)
ESTOSOFT SSL Sodium Stearoyl lactylate is an emulsifier with a very high hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) and is therefore an excellent emulsifier for fat-in-water emulsions. It also functions as a humectant. It finds widespread application in baked goods, liqueurs, cereals, chewing gum, desserts, and powdered beverage mixes. Stearoyl lactylates are found in the majority of manufactured breads, buns, wraps and , and many similar bread-based products. Because of its efficiency as an emulsifier, it is possible to use less of it than other similar additives; for example, it can be used in quantities only a tenth as large as soya-based emulsifiers.
It is most widely used in bread as it has high capacity for water adsorption, give more volume to dough resulting extra loafs which adds profit to bakers.
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ESTOSOFT 9700 is a customized emulsifier which has excellent properties for producing high quality biscuits. Due to ESTOSOFT 9700, fat disperses uniformly in the dough and hence it improves the release of the dough from the moulds and cutters to achieve well-shaped biscuits without distorted edges.
ESTOSOFT 9700 improves the color and appearance of the biscuits, it also improves palatability and avoid rancidity problems which occur when used a normal grade emulsifier such as “Lecithin”. It can help to reduce consumption of fat used in making biscuits by almost 10% thus achieving economy.
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