ESTOSPAN 85 is a lipophillic (Oil loving ) surfactant. Used for preparing water in oil emulsions. Lipophlic emulsifier for W/O emulsion, also for O/W emulsion combination with hydrophilic emulsifiers like polysorbates. Widely used in nasal and metered dose inhalation dosage forms. Finds particular application as a dispersing agent in aerosols.

ESTOSPAN 85 is base raw material for manufacturing which is further used as an (Polysorbate-85/Polyoxyethylene-85) emulsifier for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, emulsifiers and dispersants for pigments, emulsifiers for lubricants; emulsifier for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, stabilizer for color materials, stabilizer for emulsion polymerizations, emulsifier for adjuvant of agrochemicals, emulsifier for water based metal process cutting oils, surface coating type antistatic agents.