ESTOSPAN 80 is a lipophillic (Oil loving ) surfactant. Used for preparing water in oil emulsions. It is used an emulsifier for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Stabilizer for color materials, stabilizer for emulsion polymerizations, emulsifier for adjuvant of agrochemicals, emulsifier for water based metal process cutting oils, Surface coating type antistatic agents.

ESTOSPAN 80 is base raw material for manufacturing (Polysorbate -80/ Polyoxyethylene-80) which is further used as an emulsifier, solubilizers stabilizer. Dough conditioner in yeast-raised baked goods; foaming agent in beverage mixes; Bloom retardant in chocolate and sugar coatings; aerating agent, volume and texture improvement and anti-stailing in cakes; emulsifier in coffee whiteners, dressings and sauces; Improves overrun and dryness in frozen desserts and icecream; Improves stability and texture in icings and fillings; emulsifier and improves extrudability in pet foods, flavor solubilizer in pickles; Improves overrun and texture in whipped topping.