ESTOSPAN 65 is a lipophillic (Oil loving ) surfactant. Used for preparing water in oil emulsions. It is used an emulsifier for cosmetic, emulsifier and dispersant for pigments. emulsifiers for lubricants.

ESTOSPAN 65 applications include emulsifier for the preparation of water/oil emulsions, anti-foaming agent, used in conjunction with polysorbates in oil toppings, cake mixes, and margarine applied to buns. Used in fine bakery toppings and coatings, fat emulsions, milk and cream analogues, beverage whiteners, liquid tea, fruit and herbal infusion concentrates, edible ices, desserts, sugar confectionary, cocoa-based confectionary, chocolate (prevention of fat bloom), emusified sauces, dietary food supplements, yeast for baking, chewing gum, dietetic foods for special medical purposes, dietetic formulas for weight control, and as carriers and solvents for colours.