ESTOSPAN 60 is a lipophillic(Oil loving ) surfactant. Used for preparing water in oil emulsions. It is used an emulsifier for pharmaceuticals and cosmetic, synthetic resin internal lubricants,Emulsifiers and dispersants for pigments.

ESTOSPAN 60 is an excellent food additive acts as emulsifier and stabilizer for whipped cream.Effective food emulsifier for improving problem of “OVER RUN”. It is a emulsifier for food grade silicone emulsions, re-hydration aid in the production of active dry yeast, emulsifier for production of cakes improvers and mixes. It is used in confectionery coatings,gum base, icing and fillings, coffee whitners, animal nutrition.

ESTOSPAN 60 is base raw material for manufacturing (Polysorbate-60/ Polyoxyethylene-60) which is further used as an emulsifier, solubilizer, stabilizer, dough conditioner in yeast-raised baked goods; foaming agent in breverage mixes; bloom retardant in chocolate and sugar coating; aerating agent, cosmetic formulations.