ESTOSOFT 60 for FOOD ; Emulsifier for foods like biscuit, breads or prepared mixes and anti aging. Emulsifier for margarine, shortening and peanut butters, Emulsifier and stabilizer of creaming powder, dispersant of powder soup. It is excellent for aerating properties, volume and texture improvement and anti-staling in cakes; Emulsifier in coffee whiteners; improves Overrun and dryness in frozen desserts and icecreams; improves stability and texture in icings and fillings; improves overrun and texture in whipped toppings.


ESTOSOFT 60 for COSMETICS ; Emulsifier and opacifier, emollients and bodyfying agents, used in vanishing creams, cleansing creams, emollient creams, fairness creams, moisturizing and sunscreen lotions. Viscosity building in surfactant industry, textile auxiliaries etc.