Surfactants manufacturer
Our Mission

To Sustain Value Creation for Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Society At Large.

Our Vision

To Be Preferred Global Player of Fatty Acid Esters & Value Added Products

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Our Products

Our aim is to provide our customers with quality products while ensuring the ever changing competition in the the industry.

Our Products

Glycerol Esters

Oil-soluble food additive & widely used in variety of cosmetic formulations. This is excellent primary and auxiliary emulsifiers and stabilizers

Sorbitan Esters

Nonionic surface active agents. It is a lipophilic (Oil loving) surfactant used for preparing water in oil emulsions, creams & ointments

Polyglycerol Esters

Mixed partial esters – nonionic surfactants with various applications in cosmetic, in food, pharmaceutical and other industries

Speciality Esters

A customized emulsifier with excellent properties for producing high quality biscuits. It also improves palatability and avoids rancidity problems

Bakery Ingredients

Manufactured by fine quality material, this ensures best quality. Our range is available in various configurations, sizes and specifications

Food Additives

These ingredients help ensure the availability of flavorful, nutritious, safe, convenient, colorful and affordable foods that meet consumer expectations year-round

About Us

We are a leading producer of emulsifiers and specialty surfactants in India. We are renowned for its quality and cutting edge technology for producing hi-tech emulsifiers for variety of applications.

We have long-standing heritage in producing food additives and specialty surfactants. Since our foundation in 1998, we have established a large customer base throughout India, Asia pacific,Africa and Middle East. With the state of the art manufacturing facility it complies all the food safety standards and certifications.

An FSSC 22000, ISO 9001-2008 , RSPO, KOSHER AND HALAL certified company, we offer products to meet the global standards and are ideally positioned itself to offer the technical expertise and support that is required in today’s challenging market.